A girl started noticing  a guy stand who stands in from of her house everyday in the evening. Everyday this guy would come, mostly evening hours and spend several hours or during weekends.

He never tried to talk to her, nor showed any gesture, he would pace here and there while on his phone and occasionally steal a stare at her. The situation went on like this for over a year until the girl started noticing that the guy like here but he is too shy to confront her with his feeling.

She went and told her parents about this mysterious guy, they too had noticed him and liked him. They discussed about possible marriage but wanted their daughter to make the first move. The next day, the girl went to meet this guy for the first time.

Girl : “Hi I’m Rachel”

Boy : “Hi I’m Chris”

She was very happy to hear that they are both christians.

Girl : “I really appreciate your patience and decency. You have been standing here for a year, I understand you are in love with me but too shy to tell me… I like you too and I would like us to get married”

The guy smiled and and responded “Forgive me sister, actually your home WIFI doesn’t have password, so Always come here every evening after work to chat with my girlfriend”

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