If you are a fan of musician Diamond Platnumz and follow his personal lifestyle, you now know the rumors that has been circulating on the media and the internet that he was expecting a baby with Hamisa Mobeto. Not anymore.

Hamisa Mobeto just got a baby boy and the series of events after she went to labor gives every indication that that Diamond is the father.


The rumors that the Musician was having a chini ya maji relationship with Hamisa started way back before she appeared on his Hit music video Salome, and she was looking hot like bae from Mercury.

Soon after the release of this video the news broke that Hamisa was carrying a child and every gossiper around East Africa turned to Diamond for answers as if he is the father. He denied this several times.

Fast forward to the first week of August 2017 when Ms Mobeto went to labor, dedicated gossiper and the host of gossip TV show Silawadu Soudy Brown hid his camera outside the hospital where Hamisa was resting, and witnessed Diamond’s family (including his mother and sister) visiting Hamisa at different times.

Big question

Why did they go to visit her and the baby? Is Diamond the father?

The famous Gossip Cop who was hiding at the parking lot with the Camera capturing Diamond mother and sister going in to the hospital, he called them on live radio and asked why did they visit Hamisa?

Listen to You heard by Gossip Cop

DIAMOND PLATNUMZ COULD BE A FATHER OF Ms MOBETO’S BABY BOY. Check out who went to see the new born

Although Diamond has denied several times that he is not the father and even went on calling for the man responsible to come out and get him off the hook, no one showed up. Isn’t he the only one we see here?

Why would your mother visit the woman who is allegedly carrying your baby at the hospital right after you’ve delivered?

Hamisa’s Mother 

So this is still unconfirmed, I will not bore you with the follow up from Gossip Cop with the story when he called Hamisa Mobeto and her mother on live radio after she was discharged from the hospital, but here is what few fans have been reacting on social media.

Fans reaction on social media:

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