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This is for when social media makes you feel inferior? 5 lessons to lift-up your social life!!

This is for you?

Yes, damn right I did, whats up on those ends wherever your reading this, its chill Sunday, a lot to do and nothing so chill about this day… most of you are on soshomidia( is this a Swahili word for social media? tell me ) or just a phonetical beat of it idk?

Ooouuuuuuuh!! wanna find why word “bae” is this blogpost?

If you ask me, yes you didn’t ask but I will tell you anyway between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, snapchat and all social networks Twitter is my most preferred platform were would spend my 60% of my free time, Tweeting my gawddamn thoughts, Retweeting some interesting stuff and ofcoz laughing at people who just won an L, trust me it’s so much fun but don’t play you get trolled…

But thats what wanted to share with you coz prolly know what went down on Twitter always has a way to dive through IG and Fb even in blogs like what tryna do with you… yes you.

There a Tweep I admire, based on what he always shares on those 140 characters, I find every tweet has a value in my life, never know why probably issa spiritual leader, seems to see beyond divine nature, what man desire and how everything rotates around human being.

He’s a person I go to when I need inspirations to write, whenever I read his tweet always get another idea based on his tweet, his name is Mufti Ismail Menk of Zimbabwe @muftimenk.

I read that Jana ( Swahili word for yesterday ) what I got from that people tend to think they know you based on tweet, picture they post online matter of fact, online life is all illusions and we make a lot imagination about others truth is people are struggling in real life just like how you are, never judge a person based on what you see on social media.

What Imam says, you are who you are never compare yourself with anyone everyone is unique in his/her way, be yourself, you have so much power in you never underestimate that.

I know someone, yes I know you, whatever happens to you post it on Fb, IG but you never really had balls to talk it out loud, this is bad because it will eat you up inside. be open talk about it will help put your mind at easy.

One thing I can tell you Imperfection is sexy.

Most of us fail to express our-selves in 140 characters, but its amazing what you/others can learn from those limited 140 characters, my point is lets use social media to inspire others, let your thought(s) be enlightenment for others, be the voice to others, most people can’t put their imagination pamoja (together) help them to see that in your post(s).

Tell me who inspires your online life? what pages do you follow? tell me

Remember sharing is caring ): you know what to do. Ciao

By Socrates

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