Long distance travels

In Nairobi you can go from one town to another in a short time. This is not a case in most regions in Tanzania.

Crossing from City centre in Mwanza to a nearest region like Kagera, you will need not less than 3 hours.

If some Tanzanian tell you lets travel by bus from Arusha to Iringa or Mbeya that is a trap. If you will traveling to Tanzania soon, use Google map a lot to identify distance before you start your journey.

Being charged for take away:

In Kenya, Nairobi to be specific. We have got used of free take away packaging, when we go to a restaurant and order a take away dinner.

This is not the case in Tanzania, you will be charged for a take away packaging separately from the food.


I don’t know this from other cities like Dar etc, but the towns I visited like Mwanza and Moshi, are very clean.

When I visited Moshi, I have not seen one place that trash has been dumped, like the way we see here in Nairobi. If a normal citizen sees you throwing trash on the street, they will take you to the authority and you will pay fine of Tsh 50,000/= or Ksh 2,500/=

Local music:

When you are in a busy street in Mwanza, be it a market or bus stage, you will hear wave of Bongo fleva music.

Tanzanians love their local music and you can hear it from everywhere you and every channel you tune to.

I hear there is a law for media houses to have 60% local content.


This was a difficult one. Here Tsh1000 is worth 50Ksh. You will require a quick adjustment on your budget and calculations.

You will order Chips and charged Tsh2000 and feel you have been overcharged, calm down, this is only Ksh100.

You will hear the word like buku and have to know that is 1000Tsh. The currency is very down compared to Kenya.

People are chilled:

The famous say “No hurry in Africa” makes more sense in Tanzania. In Nairobi everyone is in a hurry, everyone is on to something urgent, but with Tanzania people are more relaxed there is nothing to hurry up about.

Even in some services, you will expect to receive slow services.


Down by the old railway tracks

When you are in Tanzania, at least you feel safe. In a town like Moshi, you will always be safe working on the road, in City centre even after past midnight.

Great and Cheap Hotels:

The hotel in Tanzania are amazing and cheap. Most hotels that charges Ksh5000 per night, you can get many hotels like this charging half that price.


I think it’s the best thing that has ever happen to my travels in Tanzania. The food is so delicious and cheap everywhere you go.

You can find street food everywhere you go and it’s amazing.  You can find decent places to eat from 100Ksh.

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