January Makamba can make you run to kiss your mother and cry like a baby you are.

Every year the world celebrates International day of the girl child. For me I think this day should be celebrated everyday. Women play a huge role in our homes, work, class, and everywhere you go. Just turn around now, If you see any human being, you have just looked at the work of a woman. A mother.

On this year’s International day of the girl child, Tanzania’s minister for environment January Makamba joined the rest of the world and celebrate this day… Wherever he was on the 11 October doesn’t matter, but the message he shared is a boost of our slaking love and appreciation for women.

This is what he wrote.

  • Today we imagine her as a pilot, banker, doctor or leader. But her pinnacle of joy, her greatest success – yet the hardest test – will be being a mother.  Bringing another being to life will change her life. Everything will swing: her hormones, weight, moods. Her skin will stretch, creating marks that will attest to the joyous pain of the extension of your clan. She will stop doing what she loves lest the new life come out with deformities.

  • Then she will go to labour. The word is not accidental. It is HARD LABOUR. I do not know how it feels to be in labour but what is clear is that as soon as the new life makes the first noise, inner joy will fill her heart.
  • Sweet sweat on her cheeks will mingle with tears of joy.  She will hold what we will all call “a bundle of joy”. She will inspect every inch its body not so that she can discard it, but so that she can love more.

  • We look at a girl child today and we know for sure that she can achieve anything. Her brain is made to store and recall complex memories, her heart to nurture and forgive, her body to bring and nourish life. 
  • Your mother was once a girl child. Years later, she carried you in her body for nine months: you were protected, you were warm, you were fed – your body connected to hers through a cord, a cord of life, a cord that has left a mark on your stomach to remind you that your existence would not have been possible without the selflessness of former girl child.

  • When you came out, the cord was cut off. But it didn’t mean that the connection ended. Your food – very first food, the essence of your nourishment – came from her body. You kept her up at night, you pooped and peed on her.

  • As you grew up, you made mistakes, you disappointed her. Why did she put up with all your mischief? Because she does not want to see the marks you left on her as a mistake.

  • While we all know this, a girl child is still a second-class member of society, deemed incapable of what other species can do and achieve, unbefitting of the privileges that males enjoy. We must change this. And what should be the motivation? The mark on our stomachs.  Girl child left it there.

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