Diamond Platnumz should decide, It’s OMG or Morgan Heritage…REMIX Hallelujah!

I think we have to admit that Tanzania is blessed with good music. And by this I don’t mean the usual suspects who specialized in winning awards all over Africa and the world, the likes of Alikiba and Diamond. There are more talented artists from Bongoland that are not even in the limelight yet.

Today we’ll take it back to an interview we had with the rap group dubbed OMG some time this year. They told us their journey to the top seat means business, by that time they had released Uongo na Umbea with Baraka da Prince.

The group is made up by Salmin Swagg, Con Boi and Young Lunya… These boys are bad news.

So much they told us on this : Biz zinazowaweka mjini OMG nje na muziki.

This November afternoon I was tuning to XXL show on Cloudsfm, and for the first time I heard the Hallelujah remix by OMG.

Danger man check this out.

Up to now I have decided to replay this version as I wait for another HIT song from Bongo land. For the love of east Africa music industry.

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