Cheki this 9 photos story, to show you how the youth are saving Kenya completely.

There is a dream in East Africa… A dream of better life. For many years our leaders and elders have been trying to make that dream reality.

But for certain reasons and challenges we are still chasing that dream and keep passing the chase from generation to generation.

Wacha tuachane na kilami mingi, the reason we started talking about dreams is because we believe, this is the right generation to take that dream of better life – to life. How? Through Science and technology.

Maisha ya vijana these days, can not be defined without a bit of technology in it. That’s why in this year’s World science day, vijana 670 from all over Nairobi decided to do a walk which, we at watupipo call it The science walk.

“The walk started at the famous Mall in Karen “The Hub” and this day (Friday¬†10 Nov) was as wet as we expected” Narrated Mr Okoth Opondo, who organized the youth for this walk of science, in collaboration with CEMASTEA.

Can you spot the enthusiasm in that little guy there? “he is like Yeaaah!!”

We were not kidding when we say we believe in this generation will prevail through science.

So mguu kwa mguu kuelekea CEMASTEA offices hapo maeneo ya Karen.

Miti ikaoteshwa as a sign of good faith to mother nature. These guys care about environment too… That’s why we fell in love with them.

And latter wakaoneshwa how some science work… Practically. Hakuna mambo za theory hapa.

Uzuri wa this day ni kwamba… Youth were sharing science knowledge to the fellow youth. So hakuna mambo ya ku-boycott knowledge sababu they understand each other so well.

BTW: I am sure the Tusker can has nothing to do with alcoholic beverage in the lab… Science experiment inaweza kukufanya uokote takataka na ukaonekana chizi. We accept that.


Now going back to the first point we made… We believe in this generation in solving problems in East Africa, and this sentiment is shared by CEMASTEA (Center for Mathematics and Science and Technology in Africa) Global peace Foundation and Young Debaters Society YDS.

Hii event ilikuwa prepared so that ma- youth waone vile science inaweza solve problems in Africa. Na ilikuwa successful.

So we came, tukaona. Na sasa ikabaki one thing. A CAKE. Have you ever seen a cake with key pads?

That’s how It went down in short on the 10 November during the World science day. Tutaendelea kuku-show stori za ma-youth across east Africa and how they fairing on in making the great nation of Africa. Are we still dreaming?

Okoth Opondo is a founder of Young Debaters Society and he shared with us this story.

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