The hot singer Nandy, obeyed her fans directives. After winning AFRIMA, she just dropped another HIT. Why?

She just won Eastern African best female artist on Africa All Africa Music Awards 2017, but the beautiful Nandy is not taking a day off.

She has released a new single called Kivuruge, which was demanded by her fans. She had released this song for radio play only but the fans wanted to put the jam on repeat, so they asked to put the song on the internet.

Here are some request


  • ucydamas54 Sister mbn kivuruge aipo YouTube
  • nakiro_magesa????jaman nandy usitufanyie hivyo achia basi hiyo audio tuipakue
  • dikodiko845Tena nashea bila kujua we uridhiki kwan hahahaha huyu kivuruge kazi anayo

If swahili is tough to read, dont worry, because they are just asking for the music.

Well we had a chat with the sassy Nandy, and she promised more Music to her fans everywhere in the World. She just asked for support and appreciation which is what keep her determination to deliver good music on track.

Here is the Kivuruge.




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